Customer Management: The kiisa Service Cycle

Authors: David Kiviaho and Sharon Sandifer, M.Ed

Published by Esquire Books, Inc., and authored by David Kiviaho and Sharon Sandifer, M.Ed., Customer Management: The kiisa Service Cycle is an excellent work for business leaders, workplace trainers, and educators. It is a business guide, a workplace training activity book, and a professional textbook.

The kiisa Service CycleWith citations from business leaders and organizations from across the world to reinforce their research, Kiviaho and Sandifer have developed nine customer management principles that deal directly with the product, the customer, and the service of any given industry. Interactive training activities created by the authors, and well placed case studies round out the inspiring, highly motivating principles of the kiisa Service Cycle. The integration of past and current business models implemented by widely successful corporations, along with the unveiling of new models and approaches created by Kiviaho and Sandifer, provide new insight for those seeking to master the appropriate management of customers, and to ultimately achieve stellar customer service.
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