Welcome to kiisa…Training Your Staff is Our Business!

dklogo3197855_mdkiisa corporation was created to provide an innovative alternative to the regular “off the shelf” training events that many have become accustomed to in the workplace.

Our workshops, modules, seminars, workplace training events, and conference appearances are always created by kiisa to meet your needs, tailored to fit your organization’s personality.

We are fun, well prepared, educated, well researched, interactive, socially aware, politically savvy, and did we mention, fun! Our style of presentation is without competition. Why? We are a brother and sister team that truly loves to interact with people, and we understand the practicality of building training programs that give voice to your industries training needs.

As authors of Customer Management: The kiisa Service Cycle, published by Esquire Books, Inc. in 2013, we have carefully researched various business cultures, models, economic and social trends, and emotional aspects of today’s workforce. We are prepared to lead your next training event because we know how to articulate critical business principles to your staff.  We also know how to effectively convey these principles to the staff so they will be motivated to work harder, and smarter, for your organization.

kiisa corporation is exceptional. Call, email, or reach out to us via our social networks today. Let’s schedule a complimentary meeting, connect online or via teleconference to assess your organizational training needs!

We look forward to working with your staff and ask you for the opportunity to serve your organizational training needs, kiisa style!


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