Why Not Learn To Write the Winning Grant? Why Not?

Many worthwhile projects exist in our communities. Stellar programs, life saving services, and long standing or start up organizations exist to change, even save lives. But, are they funded properly? Is yours funded properly?

If you are seeking information on how to diversify your financial portfolio, kiisa has developed a Successful Grant Writing Seminar that you need to attend, with LSU Continuing Education. For over twenty years, the experienced grant writers from kiisa have raised, and worked in team environments to raise millions of dollars. It is not easy to obtain grants, but it is very possible to learn to be a stellar grant writer to provide you with that edge to succeed, and kiisa will help you in this endeavor.

Having a dream and a very worthwhile project is not a guarantee that your project will secure funding. People must arm themselves with practical grant writing knowledge in order to stand taller than their competition. kiisa understands how to build effective, lasting relationships with potential funders. Moreover, kiisa and LSU have created this grant writing program to address the practical needs of the organization seeking funds, and this program works.

Click the link below and learn more about Successful Grant Writing. Register today and begin your journey to effectively utilize grants to fund your dreams! http://www.lano.org/events/event_details.asp?id=403572

Many organizations continue to succeed after attending this course. Be a part of this group, register today. You may contact kiisa at www.kiisacorporation.com.

At kiisa, we believe in creating programs to help you achieve your dreams. Successful Grant Writing is one of these performance based programs.

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