To Hurt or Not To Hurt

By: DAVID KIVIAHO, kiisa Founder/EVP

Our nation is in a cycle of negative change, some would say we are hurting. Politicians are, seemingly, too polarizing and unbelievable, highly intelligent business leaders are scrambling to survive in their respective markets, and national issues including substance abuse, healthcare, gun control, mental health and underemployment are wreaking havoc within the workplace on the psyches of many Americans.

When our nation hurts, our workplace personnel feel its pain. Without acknowledging that people in the workplace may be subject to this pain, leaders of those organizations run the risk of losing market share and decreased revenue. Why? People do not operate at their most optimal level when they are focused on the stress of dealing with varied social ills.

Certainly, you will not find all of the answers to these social ills in this article. However, many of the answers do lie within each person willing to take an honest appraisal of these issues by looking directly into the soul of their workplace. As a great nation, we do not have the luxury of ignoring the signs of workplace deterioration. Instead, we must assess the issues accordingly, and begin providing our workers with concrete ways to address the individual social ills. Daunting? Absolutely, the exercise of workplace analysis may be quite daunting. But, in its finality is where hope appears.

The time has come, as it does from season to season, for us to approach our workplace issues with forethought. In addition, the only way to resolve the social ills within a workplace is to identify their nature and seek out solutions. This will take a team effort filled with inspiring people, boldness, courage, and tenacity. Ignoring problems or believing your workplace is immune to these issues is like driving with closed eyes.

To hurt or not to hurt, that is your question.


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