kiisa Develops New Grant Management Course…What Happens After the Award?

kiisa is always developing courses to meet the demands of our clients. We have developed the Grant Management Course for LSU Continuing Education to assist professionals with the aftermath of receiving a grant award. This course is interactive and will provide critical information for those organizations that want to learn how to effectively handle their grant awards.register now

What do you do once you have been awarded grant funds for your project? This course will help participants develop a comprehensive understanding of the steps involved with managing a grant, from the date the award is announced to the date when final reporting is due to the funder. Presented data and Interactive activities will outline how to successfully direct aspects of the grant to include: interactions with the funder, project organization, managing the funded project, documentation and record keeping, personnel management, project finances, events, evaluation, data collection and analysis, and sustainability.

Experienced grant managers, who are also grant writers will lead you to understand the principles and concepts necessary to productively lead the management of your grant, and funded project. Participants will be exposed to management techniques and project details that will greatly assist in the project management aspects of the grant award.

Major topics to be presented include:
Grantor Expectations
Gain in-depth insight into the mind of the funder. Learn how to effectively meet the needs of the funder, while meeting the goals of the funded project.
Managing the Funded Project
Learn what needs to be managed, determine proper regulatory information, identify the role of the project director, how to move forward in the event of project changes, and structuring day to day grant operations.
Documentation and Record Keeping
Develop an outline of what documents are necessary prior to the grant, during the grant, and after the grant. Learn about software and apps vital to proper record keeping.
Personnel Management
Increase knowledge of how to deal with volunteers and staff involved in the project. Learn how to get the most out of people through management or supervision techniques.
Event and Component Direction
Explore, and dissect the various elements of a potential grant award to include; project organization, professional development, and proposal fundamentals.
Project Finances
Learn the confines of the grant budget, what is expected from the funder and how do you meet your deliverables. Explore all aspects of budgetary requirements.
Data Collection and Analysis
Explain the principles and activities involved with the collection of data. Learn how to effectively analyze data to meet the reporting requirements of a grant. Examine best practices involved with stellar data collection, and analysis methods.
Evaluations from A – Z
Learn to define an evaluation, examine its purpose, and understand who is responsible for all of its elements and how to develop the evaluation plan.
Learn what a sustainability plan is and why it is critical to the success of the project and ongoing grant funding. Explore mechanisms to develop a plan of sustainability.

This seminar is ideal for:
Any manager or director from any organization or corporate entity interested in learning to successfully manage their grant award.

Key benefits of participation:
• Understand when/why an organization should begin grant management activities
• Focus on effectively managing grant awards on a regional, statewide, and/or nationwide basis
• Examine effective mechanisms to market grant award
• Review focused information and methodology on the management of grants
• Comprehend methodology that will improve grant management
• Understand in-depth, practical usage of data research and collection for future grant reporting
• Learn how to build effective grantor relationships
• Discuss innovative tools to enhance evaluation techniques and plans
• Realize the importance of grants in fund diversification
• Introduce Internal Revenue updates where appropriate for budgets
• Review various online data collection sites as well as methods for data collection

Welcome to kiisa…Training Your Staff is Our Business!

dklogo3197855_mdkiisa corporation was created to provide an innovative alternative to the regular “off the shelf” training events that many have become accustomed to in the workplace.

Our workshops, modules, seminars, workplace training events, and conference appearances are always created by kiisa to meet your needs, tailored to fit your organization’s personality.

We are fun, well prepared, educated, well researched, interactive, socially aware, politically savvy, and did we mention, fun! Our style of presentation is without competition. Why? We are a brother and sister team that truly loves to interact with people, and we understand the practicality of building training programs that give voice to your industries training needs.

As authors of Customer Management: The kiisa Service Cycle, published by Esquire Books, Inc. in 2013, we have carefully researched various business cultures, models, economic and social trends, and emotional aspects of today’s workforce. We are prepared to lead your next training event because we know how to articulate critical business principles to your staff.  We also know how to effectively convey these principles to the staff so they will be motivated to work harder, and smarter, for your organization.

kiisa corporation is exceptional. Call, email, or reach out to us via our social networks today. Let’s schedule a complimentary meeting, connect online or via teleconference to assess your organizational training needs!

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Why Not Learn To Write the Winning Grant? Why Not?

Many worthwhile projects exist in our communities. Stellar programs, life saving services, and long standing or start up organizations exist to change, even save lives. But, are they funded properly? Is yours funded properly?

If you are seeking information on how to diversify your financial portfolio, kiisa has developed a Successful Grant Writing Seminar that you need to attend, with LSU Continuing Education. For over twenty years, the experienced grant writers from kiisa have raised, and worked in team environments to raise millions of dollars. It is not easy to obtain grants, but it is very possible to learn to be a stellar grant writer to provide you with that edge to succeed, and kiisa will help you in this endeavor.

Having a dream and a very worthwhile project is not a guarantee that your project will secure funding. People must arm themselves with practical grant writing knowledge in order to stand taller than their competition. kiisa understands how to build effective, lasting relationships with potential funders. Moreover, kiisa and LSU have created this grant writing program to address the practical needs of the organization seeking funds, and this program works.

Click the link below and learn more about Successful Grant Writing. Register today and begin your journey to effectively utilize grants to fund your dreams!

Many organizations continue to succeed after attending this course. Be a part of this group, register today. You may contact kiisa at

At kiisa, we believe in creating programs to help you achieve your dreams. Successful Grant Writing is one of these performance based programs.

Louisiana Incumbent Worker Training Program (IWTP-SBET)

dklogo3197855_mdkiisa corporation is a Training Provider for the Louisiana Incumbent Worker Training Program (IWTP), under the Small Business Employee Training (SBET) section. Any eligible small business in Louisiana, with 50 or less employees, may use the training services of kiisa and enjoy reimbursable training costs. For excellence in Customer Service training, and to utilize this program, contact kiisa today. For more information, click the logo below. Also, kiisa offers the same training at a discounted cost, to those organizations outside of Louisiana, or those small businesses in Louisiana that are not eligible through this program. Book today!


To Hurt or Not To Hurt

By: DAVID KIVIAHO, kiisa Founder/EVP

Our nation is in a cycle of negative change, some would say we are hurting. Politicians are, seemingly, too polarizing and unbelievable, highly intelligent business leaders are scrambling to survive in their respective markets, and national issues including substance abuse, healthcare, gun control, mental health and underemployment are wreaking havoc within the workplace on the psyches of many Americans.

When our nation hurts, our workplace personnel feel its pain. Without acknowledging that people in the workplace may be subject to this pain, leaders of those organizations run the risk of losing market share and decreased revenue. Why? People do not operate at their most optimal level when they are focused on the stress of dealing with varied social ills.

Certainly, you will not find all of the answers to these social ills in this article. However, many of the answers do lie within each person willing to take an honest appraisal of these issues by looking directly into the soul of their workplace. As a great nation, we do not have the luxury of ignoring the signs of workplace deterioration. Instead, we must assess the issues accordingly, and begin providing our workers with concrete ways to address the individual social ills. Daunting? Absolutely, the exercise of workplace analysis may be quite daunting. But, in its finality is where hope appears.

The time has come, as it does from season to season, for us to approach our workplace issues with forethought. In addition, the only way to resolve the social ills within a workplace is to identify their nature and seek out solutions. This will take a team effort filled with inspiring people, boldness, courage, and tenacity. Ignoring problems or believing your workplace is immune to these issues is like driving with closed eyes.

To hurt or not to hurt, that is your question.


Welcome kiisa Training Institute

Welcome kiisa Training Institute (kTI)!

In an effort to streamline our training offerings, kiisa corporation has launched the kiisa Training Institute (kTI). kTI will house all of kiisa’s educational offerings, online productions, and on-site workshops.

For more information on kTI and the services of kiisa, please click on the kiisa Training Institute (kTI) link at the top of this webpage.

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